How can Khassani enhance your figure with the “No Bra” trend?

Sunshine, beach days, early evening cocktails... we can finally say it, Summer is coming! And this year girls, “No Bra” is the hottest trend! Whether for comfort or because of feminist beliefs, many of us have made the choice to set ourselves free from our bras. Even celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna are getting involved in the movement, and wouldn’t think twice about wearing short dresses and tops, either completely braless or with a fine strapless bra.

Let’s check out this new trend and, together, we’ll discover Khassani’s recommendations for the “No Bra” look. To be flaunted without moderation!


The “No Bra” look by Khassani Swimwear


One of the essential values that Khassani is ready to defend, above all others, is women’s freedom. The freedom for each one of you to feel beautiful, feminine and sexy. That’s why the “No Bra” movement resonates with us so much. Not only does this trend advocate Girl Power, it is also perfectly in line with the guiding principles of our swimwear ranges. At Khassani, we believe that our minimalist designs allow your bodies to speak for themselves. And what could be more minimalist than not wearing a bikini top at all?


Feel confident in your body with the “No Bra” look


First and foremost, there is no such thing as a standard bust type for the “No Bra” look. Owning this trend comes from your thoughts and desires.

So if this trend resonates with you too, opt for trendy bikini bottoms, suited to your body shape and skin tone. 


For those with smaller breasts, opt for tanga-style bottoms to elongate your figure. Treat yourself to a model with ties or rings to suit your style. 

If you have a larger bust, go for a low-waisted bikini bottoms! In plain colour or print, they will accentuate your hips and balance out your figure. 


And the topless aficionados among you can treat yourself to a variety of designs! You can choose from plain, floral, tie & dye or polka dot bikini bottoms, with a wide range of options open to you. You and your bust are free to express yourselves without inhibition on the beaches of Biarritz in the west, the Prado on the French Riviera or in the stunning coves of Ibiza.



As you can see, the “No Bra” movement is much more than just the latest trend on social media. For Khassani, it’s a genuine way of advocating women’s emancipation, by taking back ownership of our bodies. It’s about moving away from the hypersexualisation of the female breast, and encouraging tolerance so that we can learn to accept ourselves as we are. That's what Khassani and our swimwear range are all about.

What do you think about the “No Bra” trend? Have you ever gone topless on the beach?

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