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With several years of experience designing women’s swimwear, Khassani is now venturing into swimwear for men. As a man, you also have the prerogative to play up your seductive side with carefully selected swimwear. The Khassani team presents its new range of swim trunks designed specially for men. Swim trunks are a timeless swimwear model. The mid-thigh cut suits all shapes and sizes. A favourite among men, the incredibly comfortable swim trunks will undoubtedly be your greatest ally this summer.  Made with a soft, light fabric, our swim trunks dry quickly! As with our women’s swimwear, our men’s models are designed and made in Europe.   At Khassani Menswear, the men’s swim trunks are available in two models: The Basic and The Cargo. Whether you are bold or sophisticated, dive into our colourful, sunny world.  Discover our unique patterns, designed by our stylist to help you showcase your personality with an original pair of swim trunks.   Khassani men’s swimwear is available in different prints inspired by Provence. Sunflower, Olive, Lilac, Sunny and Blue.   If you have yet to choose your summer swimwear, now is the time to take the plunge and fall for one of our unique and elegant models! Whether you plan to soak in a jacuzzi, play beach volleyball or swim lengths in the pool, our swim trunks are perfectly suited to all these activities.



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