Your 3 fashion must-haves for the beach

The Khassani team is sharing its top tips for the sexiest, trendiest beach look this summer. Choose each of your accessories carefully to ensure you make a splash this holiday, while being right on trend with all the hottest styles flooding social media over the last few months. Here's a brief summary of our top tips for combining comfort and style this summer.


Embrace your sensuality with a Khassani bikini

You’ll feel beautiful and sexy in your bikini if you take our advice and choose swimwear suited to your body shape. Depending on your mood in the morning: opt for either a one-piece swimsuit for a sophisticated look, or an ultra high-cut Brazilian bikini to accentuate your sensuality and make the most of the sun's rays! At Khassani Swimwear, we offer a wide variety of fabrics, catering to all tastes. Choose from our range of floral prints or brightly coloured matching bikini sets. Mix and match tops and bottoms from our various designs for a more original look.


Handy hint: if you're not ready to go topless yet, varying your bikini styles will keep tan lines to a minimum! Tanga-style bottoms with adjustable fabric and tops with are your best bet for a perfectly even tan.


Wear a vintage scarf just like your favourite influencers

Scarves are the hottest trend in accessories this summer. What’s more, all the models at the Dior fashion show for the 2020 summer season, were rocking the scarf look. Depending on your preferred style, scarves can be worn in many different ways: knotted on your head for a seductive look or around the waist to enhance a pretty bikini. Let your imagination run free and treat yourself to this essential must-have in a range of colours and prints, the perfect match for your new Khassini swimwear. The hottest look for summer 2020 is vintage monogrammed scarves. While some may indulge in a luxury scarf, others will find what they're looking for in the local second-hand store. Now you can be the most stylish person on the beach, by adding a retro-chic touch to your daily look!


Be stylish and organised with your XXL basket bag

This oversized basket bag is a must-have for summer 2021. This rustic accessory is making a huge comeback this summer season. You’ll love these magnificent pieces from couture designer Jacquemus: woven in natural raffia and lined with nubuck, these colourful baskets bags epitomise sunny Provence. Depending on how you feel: you can either carry your basket by hand with the leather handles, or use the long shoulder straps for a more casual look. Why wait any longer to treat yourself to one of these stylish oversized bags? Combining practicality and style, it will hold all your essentials, as well as anything else you may or may not need.


Summer is about chilling out, so once you’ve packed your beach bag with all your fashion accessories, take some time to relax and enjoy yourself! Devour the latest novel by your favourite author, sip a cocktail on a sun lounger, or post photos of your most stylish looks, using the tag @khassaniswimwear so we can share them!


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