« It’s all about girls »

The creators Mathilde and Pauline, twin sisters and French, knew very early that they would need freedom, to undertake and create their own brand. Two strong characters, an innate taste for fashion, a passion for travel, for the sun and for the most beautiful beaches in the world... Creating their own brand of swimwear then became a matter of course.

Khassani Swimwear quickly became a family story, their father accompanied them in the creation and realization of this dream. It is therefore with emotion that Mathilde and Pauline chose Khassani as their name, in homage to their paternal grandfather of Iranian origin.

The first designs of swimsuits were born, indented and minimalist lines always in elegance and with a single goal: to sublimate the woman's body, to make every woman feel pretty and confident in a swimsuit. A touch of feminism has always animated the two sisters and this value is really anchored within the whole Khassani Swimwear team nowadays.

Our team is composed of Mathilde and Pauline at the head of the company, and Melissa to assist them on all points.

All our styles are designed by us, manufactured in Portugal in a family factory from quality fabrics directly imported from Italy. The entire process, from design to production, is done in a spirit of ethics, quality and human values.

Thanks to social networks, we have been able to create a real community since the beginning and thus unite around common tastes and values with all the people who follow us. This allows a real exchange and a relationship of trust with our customers, which is very important to us.

With all our love,