Ibiza: Khassani’s favourite island

Everyone has heard of Ibiza’s infamous clubs—Pacha, Privilège and Hï—that host DJs from home and abroad.

Known for its hippy-glam atmosphere and vibrant nightlife, Ibiza has always been associated with the clubbing world. Over the course of several photo shoots, however, the Khassani team absolutely fell in love with the island. The most popular island of the Balearic archipelago, Ibiza, with its rugged coves and turquoise water peeking through the hills, is a unique natural region that oozes positive energy and inspiration for creating new models.


Ibiza: a bohemian island basked in hippy culture


Our crush on Ibiza is well justified. Behind its lively nightlife, the reality is very different, with an over 2,600-year history and cultural traditions. Contrary to popular belief, the streets of Ibiza are not always flooded with jet-setters in search of hedonism. Rather, the island landscapes have been untouched by human presence and attract a hippy community, including bohemian artists and other idealists, captivated by its untamed nature and dominant free-thinking attitude.

Since the 1960s, the local population has lived alongside hippies coming from all over Europe to reside together in the heart of the Balearic islands.


To get the authentic Ibiza experience, you will need to go to the northeast side of the island. The length of the coast, from Punta Arabi to Santa Eulalia del Rio, is lined with hippy markets offering handcrafted jewellery and clothing.


Khassani and Ibiza: shared values of freedom and authenticity


Beyond Ibiza’s charming bohemian tradition, Khassani was drawn to a certain freedom to do and think what you want. Since its creation, Khassani has embraced the values of freedom, love and authenticity. This is why all of our swimwear is designed for every woman, in celebration of what makes you unique. Our goal: to offer you models that reflect who you are and that make you feel beautiful and sexy.


Ibiza’s values resonate with the Khassani spirit. At each photo shoot, this gem of nature and freedom has helped us express one of Khassani’s core values: women’s freedom. From our bikini tops (triangle, bandeau or push-up) to our bikini bottoms (fitted with knots or rings), all our pieces embrace a certain minimalism. This minimalistic style is meant to showcase your body, no matter your shape. Every time we go to Ibiza, we find freedom for women on the island’s widespread topless beaches.



As a source of inspiration, freshness and freedom, Khassani is pleased to share this location with you. If you look beneath the surface, Ibiza is a genuine peace haven. Stay tuned for a backstage peek of our most recent photo shoot in Ibiza. A guaranteed escape!


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